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Dialogue of Civilizations program are faculty-led programs, offered during either Summer 1 or Summer 2, that focus on critical issues facing students and their peers at both the local and global levels. Students typically spend around 30 days in-country with a faculty leader from Northeastern University, learning about a specific topic or course subject in a chosen location. This type of experience is best suited for students who are looking for an intensive short-term international experience.

Please see lists below to find how Dialogues fulfill International Affairs Course Requirements. For detailed information on Dialogues, please view the Northeastern University’s Global Experience Office (GEO) website.

For updates on Covid-19, please go to the GEO website FAQ page.

International Affairs Dialogues Summer 2021

  • Global Refugee Crisis: Rome and Palermo

    UPDATE: Rescheduled to Summer 2022. Against the backdrop of tightened border control and rise of anti-immigrant regimes in Europe since 2016, this Dialogue demonstrates how cities of refuge take on innovative socio-spatial roles and political agency in rescuing and accommodating refugees. In the context of refugee flow, we will explore the ways in which Palermo as a city of refuge shapes the experience.

    Global Refugee Crisis: Italy
  • Jordan: Arabic, the Middle East post-Arab Uprisings, & Syrian Refugees Virtual 2021

    UPDATE: This Dialogue will be virtual in Summer 2021. The Jordan dialogue provides students with an in-depth study of arab and middle eastern politics, economy, history, culture, and society, with a special focus on Jordan, post-“Arab spring” dynamics of the region, and migration. Featuring guest speakers from the region and interactive site visits and excursions.

    Jordan: Arabic & the Middle East
  • Balkan Puzzles: From Yugoslavia to Civil War to European Union

    UPDATE: This Dialogue will run in-person for Summer 2021. The Balkans Dialogue investigates conflict and post-conflict reconstruction in the former Yugoslavia; the reemergence of authoritarian movements and leaders in the Balkans; and increasing external involvement in Balkan affairs by Turkey, the EU, NATO, Russia, Arab States, China, and Iran.

    Balkan Puzzles

International Affairs Dialogues Virtual Info Sessions

Dialogues and International Affairs Course Requirements

Please view lists to find out how Dialogues fulfill major degree requirements:

For a complete list of Dialogues of Civilizations and Global Programs, please go to the Global Experience Office website found here.