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International Cooperative Education

In the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, cooperative education—or co-op for short—is a key component to the Experiential Liberal Arts, an educational model that integrates experiential learning with the rigorous study of society, culture, and politics.

In the International Affairs Co-op Program, students have the opportunity to investigate, through direct work, a variety of organizations and institutions that relate in myriad ways to this interdisciplinary major. Students build a solid foundational understanding of professional behaviors, skills and habits of mind that are useful for careers in International Affairs, through authentic co-op workplace activities and situations. International Affairs students co-op with Government agencies, NGOs, nonprofit organizations, research think tanks, media outlets, law firms and private businesses in order to provide a structure and practical framework to key academic concepts in Human Rights & Social Justice, Globalization, International Security, Diplomacy, Social Entrepreneurship, International Development, Economics, International Law and Cultural & Political Affairs.  It is through these experiences that students bridge academic and experiential learning in a way that helps them to provide more robust learning about the nature of international organizations and world systems, and allows them to develop core professional skills needed to affect social change on a global and local scale.

Co-op Coordinator(s) in International Affairs

Jon AndrewJonathan Andrew, Assistant Co-op Coordinator
180F Renaissance Park




COOP-Lamachia-web (1)Joani LaMachia, Associate Co-op Coordinator
180R Renaissance Park




COOP-Westerling-web (1)Rebecca Westerling, Assistant Co-op Coordinator
180E Renaissance Park

Co-ops in International Affairs

Enhance your classroom learning and deepen your knowledge through the co-op experience in a variety of fields. Below is a partial list of the co-op employers and sample job titles by field or industry.


Learn more about Co-op

If you would like to learn more about how co-op works in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, please visit the CSSH co-op website.