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Events and Courses

Past Events

Gender and Development Initiative Presents: The Role of Public Policy in Improving Women’s Welfare in Developing Countries
Join faculty panel of Professors Catalina Herrera and Silvia Prina and guest faculty Anne Fitzpatrick of the University of Massachusetts as they discuss recent research in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America regarding Women’s Welfare.

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Gender and Development Initiative Presents: Understanding Barriers to Women’s Empowerment
Join faculty panel of Professors Valentine Moghadam, Bilge Erten and Mindy Marks as they discuss recent research to help understand barriers to women’s empowerment.  Topics discussed will include the labor market in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia; the motherhood penalty on earnings; and closing the gender gaps in education.

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New Courses

Gender and Development with Professor Herrera-Almanza
Applied Economic Development: Theory and Policy with Professor Erten
Political Economy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives with Professor Moghadam


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