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Located within academic departments, CSSH Peer Mentors are upperclass students who guide incoming first-year students within their majors. Each department’s peer mentoring program looks a bit different, but the goal is the same: helping first-year students and transfer students feel connected to their departments and supported by peers during the first and second semester on campus.

International Affairs Peer Mentors

Mentors are students in their 2nd year and above. They provide guidance and support to incoming students. International Affairs Peer Mentors are asked to attend INTL 1000 Introduction to International Affairs/HCL class each week. Class meets for one hour once a week, schedule is posted in Banner.

INTL 1000 Intro to International Affairs/HCL
Instructor: Amílcar Barreto
IAF Program Contact: Julie Boudoukara (

Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor in an upcoming semester? Please view the goals, expectations, and application deadlines found on the CSSH Advising page for more information.

Meet our International Affairs Peer Mentors:

Fall 2022

Peer Mentors Fall 2022

Alejandra De Leon Barcelo
International Affairs/Criminal Justice

Mackenzie Fuller
International Affairs

Ishita Khanna

International Affairs/Economics

Thomas Leslie
International Affairs/Criminal Justice

Madeleine Poitras

International Affairs

Anika Sharma
International Affairs/International Business

Liza Sheehy
History, Culture, & Law

Sahiti Tholeti
International Affairs/Political Science

Kia Vilchez
International Affairs/Criminal Justice


Spring 2022

Peer Mentors Spring 2022

Kaitlyn Cavallaro
International Affairs/Economics

Ana de-Niz
International Affairs/Human Services

Lilian Lindquist
International Affairs/Economics

Alessandro Memoli
International Affairs/Economics

Tiffany Pottenburgh
History, Culture, Law

Lydia Rascher
International Affairs/Anthropology

Margaretha Van Sloun
International Affairs/Human Services

Taiyi Wang
Asian Studies

Bianca Yeager
History, Culture, Law


Fall 2021

Peer Mentors Fall 2021

Thomas Barbour-Leslie (he/him)
BA International Affairs/Economics

Jenia Browne (she/her)
BS International Affairs/International Business

Sara Flynn (she/her)
BA International Affairs

Mirsa Freed (she/her)
BA History, Culture, Law

Abbott Gailmard (she/her)
BA International Affairs/Environmental Studies

Ishita Khanna (she/her)
BA English/Anthropology

Joanna Kuri Sayeg (she/her)
BA International Affairs/Criminal Justice

Saarthak Turki (he/him)
BS International Affairs/International Business

Kellie Woo (she/her)
BA International Affairs

Spring 2021

Peer Mentors Spring 2021

Kiira Amechi (she/her)
BA International Affairs/Environmental Studies

Renee Antaran (she/her)
BA International Affairs | Minor: Political Science

Ilana Berliavsky (she/her)
BA International Affairs | Minor: Communication Studies

Anna Brown (she/her)
BA International Affairs/Political Science | Minor: Arabic

Rosie Catanzaro (she/her)
BA International Affairs/Environmental Studies

Lilyana Ibanez (she/her)
IBA International Affairs | Minor: Spanish

Lucas O’Reilly (he/him)
BA International Affairs/Environmental Studies

Meghan Rice (she/her)
BA International Affairs | Minor: Spanish

Dylan Sweeney (he/him)
BA International Affairs/Political Science

What Are the Goals of the CSSH Peer Mentoring Program?

Each program/department’s peer mentoring program looks a bit different, but the goals for each of them are the same:

  • Helping first-year students and transfer students feel connected to their programs/departments
  • Providing peer support during a student’s first semester on campus
  • Easing new students’ transition to college/Northeastern life through peer guidance
  • Introducing and helping new students navigate opportunities on campus and in Boston
  • Building a CSSH community that spans across class levels (from first-years to seniors)
  • Providing examples of curricular, extracurricular, and experiential learning pathways by sharing stories of lived experiences


Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the CSSH Peer Mentor program or application, please contact Kelliann Henry, Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Engagement, at