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Minor in Middle East Studies

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Ongoing developments in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East point to the interconnected nature of labor migration, refugee flows, conflicts, and terrorist attacks. At the same time, analysis and policy formulation require attention to different sets of geo-political interests, cultures, and histories, covering three continents, three world religions, and widely different forms of economic and social development. The Middle East and Mediterranean Studies minor cuts across these realities, combines classroom and experiential learning, and provides students with knowledge and understanding of the Mediterranean region, especially in terms of the interaction of domestic and international phenomena related to security, sustainability, and citizenship. Among universities in New England, this minor is unique to Northeastern.

The minor consists of five courses. Students are required to complete the following three core courses:

  1. INTL 1150: Mediterranean Studies
  2. INTL 1160: Middle East Studies OR HIST 1290: Modern Middle East
  3. POLS 3435: Government and Politics in the Middle East OR POLS 3470: Arab-Israeli Conflict OR INTL 3250: Democracy and Development in North Africa and the Mediterranean

Students must also complete two electives, such as America and the Middle East, Model Arab League, or Democracy and Development in North Africa and the Mediterranean if it was not selected as a core course. Students may also fulfill the elective requirement through courses from a Middle East or Mediterranean Dialogue, such as the Morocco-Paris Dialogue. Elective courses may not double count as core courses.