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Our Visiting Scholars

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2017-2018 Visiting Scholars


Kaan Agartan, Ph.D.

Kaan Agartan holds a PhD in Sociology from State University of New York in Binghamton. He is currently Assistant Professor in the department of Sociology at Framingham State University. His main areas of academic research include social movements, comparative economic and social development, and critical labor studies. His authored and co-authored publications appeared in Global Labour Journal, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, Sociology Compass, European Journal of Turkish Studies, Journal of International Affairs, New Perspectives on Turkey, and Capital and Class. He is also the co-editor of Reading Karl Polanyi for the Twenty-first Century: Market Economy as a Political Project (Palgrave, 2007).

Kaan is currently working on a project on the relationship between urban activism and alternative imaginations of democracy and political community in the Global South. More specifically, by way of focusing on the two-year career of one of the largest and longest-lived neighborhood forums – Yogurtcu Parki Forumu – that emerged following the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul in June 2013, the project aims to shed light on the ways through which various daily acts in park assemblies motivated activists to develop a new sense of political awareness and subjectivity, and unleashed a strong potential to lay the foundations of a novel political community.

During his residency at the International Affairs Program, Kaan will continue towards completing his project and preparing manuscripts for publication. He will be working with Dr. Berna Turam, Director of the International Affairs Program and professor of Sociology and International Affairs.

Amira Mohamed, Ph.D.


Dr. Mohamed has held academic positions at The American University in Cairo/Egypt, the University of Roehampton, and the University of East London in the UK. She received an Academic Excellence Award in 2005 while earning her Ph.D. in Social Sciences and Cultural Studies from University of East London (United Kingdom), an M.A. in Anthropology from the American University in Cairo (Egypt) while working as a Postgraduate African Fellow and a B.Sc. in Biology from Ain Shams University (Egypt).

Both her Masters and PhD degrees focus on the nexus between gender, migration and globalization while her PhD dissertation had researched the vulnerabilities of female domestic workers in Egypt. Her work with several international development and humanitarian organizations has enabled her to acquire first hand the necessary insights into such challenges as well as to lead efforts which try to address these issues in several countries Africa, Middle East and Europe. Her work involved advocating for the rights of migrants, formulating response strategies, conducting operations research and evaluation, leading sizable international programs, nurturing results-focused partnerships and building institutional capacity through training. These roles were in large multi-cultural development agencies, including the United Nations, the Red Cross Movement and others.

Amira will be working with Denis Sullivan, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs; Co- Director of Middle East Center; Program Director, MA and PhD Programs.


Gizem Turkarslan

Gizem Turkarslan is a PhD Candidate in International Relations and Political Science at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. Her PhD research focuses on women’s activism in Turkey and in Tunisia from a comparative perspective. Her broader interests include citizenship studies, gender in the Middle East and women’s rights advocacy. Her work has recently been awarded first place in Nermin Abadan-Unat Social Sciences Awards and the Dicle Kogacioglu Article Awards.

Gizem will be presenting the results of the field work and work on her dissertation manuscript during her time at Northeastern University which is funded by the Scientific Research Council of Turkey. She will be working with Valentine M. Moghadam, Director of the Middle East Studies Program and Professor of Sociology and International Affairs.

Idil Elveris, Ph.D.

Idil Elveris is an assistant professor at Istanbul Bilgi University School of Law. She graduated Istanbul University School of Law in 1996. She obtained her LLM from Tulane Law School in 1998 and her PhD from Istanbul Bilgi University School of Political Science in 2012. Her research interests are legal profession; the judiciary and courts and access to justice. As an access to justice activist, she pioneered legal clinics pro bono in Turkey as well as a community mediation project in Istanbul.

Idil will be working with Dr. Berna Turam, Director of the International Affairs Program and professor of Sociology and International Affairs.

Robert Nagel

Robert U. Nagel is a PhD candidate in International Conflict Analysis at the University of Kent, UK, where he holds the School of Politics and International Relations Scholarship. His PhD project ‘Gendered Influences on Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars’ aims to analyze different aspects of the gender-conflict nexus. One of Rob’s main research interests is the relationship between sexual violence and conflict resolution. Other interests include the influence of societal levels of gender inequality on conflict management, particularly via mediation, the influence of gender on rebel group mobilization, conflict dynamics, and on the sustainability of peace.

At the University of Kent, Rob is a teaching assistant for ‘Political Research and Analysis’, an introductory module on quantitative methods, and for ‘Fact, Evidence, Knowledge and Power’, a module on research design and mixed methods. Rob has co-authored a book chapter called “Mediation and Foreign Policy” in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics and currently has an article under review at the International Studies Quarterly.

Rob will be working with Valentine M. Moghadam, Director of the Middle East Studies Program and Professor of Sociology and International Affairs.

2016-2017 Visiting Scholars

Marianne BøeBoee-pic

Dr. Bøe is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the study of religions at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway. She holds particular competence on sharia and Muslim family law, on Shia Islam and Shia Muslim communities in Norway, and on the combination of Islam and feminism.

Her PhD research project dealt with family law reform and women’s rights activism in Iran and resulted in the publication of the book Family Law in Contemporary Iran: Women’s Rights Activism and Sharia (I.B. Tauris 2015). Her postdoctoral research project examines religious and legal developments related to marriage practices among individuals of Iranian background residing in Norway.

During her time at Northeastern University, Dr. Bøe intends to complete the dissemination of results from her postdoctoral research project and prepare a manuscript for a book entitled Feminism in Islam through her Fulbright Fellowship Scholarship. She will be working with Valentine M. Moghadam, Director of the International Affairs Program and Professor of Sociology at Northeastern.