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Affiliated Faculty  

Jonathan Benda: Lecturer, English

Tom Havens: Professor, History

Phil He: Associate Professor & Associate Vice Provost, Graduate Affairs

Gerald Herman: Assistant Professor, History

Denise Horn: Assistant Professor, International Affairs

M. Whitney Kelting: Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Doreen Lee: Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Jung Lee: Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Matthias Ruth: Professor, Public Policy, Urban Affairs

Gavin Shatkin: Associate Professor, School for Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Heather Streets-Salter: Associate Professor, History

Philip Thai: Assistant Professor, History

Bonnie TuSmith: Associate Professor, English

Liza Weinstein: Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology


Funding Opportunities in Asian Studies

The following awards are made possible by the Hong Liu Asian Studies Fund: