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A Neo-Existentialist Account of Human Nature and Social Identity

Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Location: Renaissance Park 310, 1135 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02120
Sponsored By: Northeastern University Center for International Affairs and World Cultures; Department of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies; and Department of Philosophy and Religion
Contact: internationalcenter@northeastern.edu
More Information: https://www.philosophie.uni-bonn.de/de/personen/professoren/prof.-dr.-markus-gabriel-2

“Challenging the Liberal World Order: Dangers and Possibilities” Speaker Series Event 

Why have leftists in Europe and the United States been unable to take advantage of the political turmoil in their nations?  Socialists and social democrats ought to benefit from the mass outrage against inequality. Yet, nearly everywhere, they are embroiled in a crisis of their own about what they stand for and how to move forward. What path should they take?

Markus Gabriel (Dr. phil. and Habilitation, University of Heidelberg) currently holds the Eberhard Berent Goethe chair at NYU (Fall 2019). He also holds the chair in epistemology, modern and contemporary philosophy at the University of Bonn where he is the director of the International Center for Philosophy and the multidisciplinary Center for Science and Thought. With Jocelyn Benoist he co-directs the Bonn-Paris Center for Research on New Realisms. His work focuses on epistemological and ontology issues in contemporary philosophy in an attempt to spell out the consequences of various trends in philosophy in a conversation with the humanities. Currently, he is working on a book called Fictions which deals with foundational topics at the intersection of philosophy, literary studies and sociology. His recent books include Why the World does not Exist (Polity 2013); I am not Brain (Polity 2019) and Neo-Existentialism (Polity 2019).

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