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CANCELLED: Multiple Forms of Resilience Concerning Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS)

Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Location: Renaissance Park 909, 1135 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02129
Sponsored By: Presented by Northeastern University’s Center for International Affairs and World Cultures, the Northeastern Humanities Center, & the Department of Political Science
Contact: internationalcenter@northeastern.edu
More Information: https://cssh.northeastern.edu/people/faculty/phil-brown/


“Contemporary Issues in Security and Resilience Studies” Speaker Series Event

Phil Brown is University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Health Science at Northeastern University, where he directs the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute and its PFAS Project lab, which has grants from NSF to study social policy and activism concerning PFAS, and from NIEHS to study children’s immune responses to PFAS and community response to contamination, and to develop a nationwide report-back and information exchange. He directs an NIEHS T-32 training program, “Transdisciplinary Training at the Intersection of Environmental Health and Social Science,” heads the Community Outreach and Translation Core of Northeastern’s Children’s Environmental Health Center (Center for Research on Early Childhood Exposure and Development in Puerto Rico/CRECE) and both the Research Translation Core and Community Engagement Core of Northeastern’s Superfund Research Program (Puerto Rico Testsite to Explore Contamination Threats (PROTECT). His books include No Safe Place:  Toxic Waste, Leukemia, and Community Action, Toxic Exposures: Contested Illnesses and the Environmental Health Movement, and Contested Illnesses: Citizens, Science and Health Social Movements.

Reception to follow talk.

Contemporary Issues in Security and Resilience Studies Speaker Series: April 14th 2020 RSVP

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