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2018-2019: Us vs. Them: Taming the Biology of Otherness

2018-2019 Academic Theme Year on “Us vs. Them: Taming the Biology of Otherness”


The resurgence of authoritarian nationalist populism in an era where there is a rising sense of global crisis brings to the forefront fundamental questions of human nature and social biology. Are humans inevitably tied to the evolutionary legacy of the species and to a deterministic biology of culture and behavior? Does our neurobiological makeup tie us inevitable to self-destructive behavior? Are we in denial of our own human nature when we face the contemporary crisis of freedom? Can we succeed in taking charge of our collective future as a specie by taming the biology of otherness?


These and other questions will be posed and debated in the third annual speaker series sponsored by the Center for International Affairs and World Cultures in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern University. The series brings together world class thinkers and Northeastern faculty to engage in the most fundamental questions of our age.