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Research Themes

The Center for International Affairs and World Cultures coordinates research and teaching initiatives around four interdisciplinary research themes:

International Security and Resilience

As U.S. and Western dominance continues to fade, international security meets new challenges of accommodating rising powers and resolving disputes in a number of areas. This area studies new conflicts and modes of warfare and new techniques of security – such as building civil and societal resilience.

International Public Policy

How should international public policy institutions be organized? Who should be included and how should actors be represented?  What are the best techniques for addressing global issues? This thematic area seeks to improve knowledge about and best practices of international public policy.

Global Understanding

International society today is shaped by conflicts between people with different values, commitments, and allegiances to diverse socio-economic and group identities. This thematic area seeks to deepen understanding of particular cultures as well as cross-cultural understanding and solidarity.

Sustainability, Development, and Environment

Matters of development are inter-related with quality of life, health, and environmental and well as economic sustainability. This thematic area studies how policy-makers address conditions that transcend national borders and how international institutions can address global environmental threats.