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Global Understanding

International society today is shaped by conflicts between people with different values, commitments, and allegiances to diverse socio-economic and group identities. This thematic area seeks to deepen understanding of particular cultures as well as cross-cultural understanding and solidarity.


Affiliated Faculty

Nicole Aljoe: Associate Professor, English

Amilcar Barreto: Associate Professor, Political Science

Jonathan Benda: Lecturer, English

Erika Boeckeler: Assistant Professor, English

Elizabeth Bucar: Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Robin Chandler: Associate Professor, African American Studies

Dennis Cokely: Professor & Chair, American Sign Language

Mai’a Cross: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Silvia Dominguez: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Chris Gallagher: Professor, English

Robert Hall: Associate Professor & Interim Chair, African American Studies

Matthew Hunt: Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Jeffrey Juris: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

M. Whitney Kelting: Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Alan Klein: Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Jung Lee: Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Neal Lerner: Associate Professor, English

Maria Luengo-Prado: Associate Professor, Economics

Ineke Haen Marshall: Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Valentine Moghadam: Professor of Sociology and International Affairs & Director, International Affairs Program

Serena Parekh: Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religion

Nikos Passas: Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Mya Poe: Assistant Professor, English

Gordana Rabrenovic: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Holbrook Robinson: Associate Professor, Languages Literatures & Cultures

Kirsten Rodine-Hardy: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Susan Setta: Associate Professor & Chair, Philosophy and Religion

Heather Streets-Salter: Associate Professor, History

Denis Sullivan: Professor, Political Science

Michael  Tolley: Associate Professor, Political Science

Steven Vallas: Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Alan West-Duran: Associate Professor, Languages Literatures & Cultures

Kathrin Zippel: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology