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International Public Policy

How should international public policy institutions be organized? Who should be included and how should actors be represented?  What are the best techniques for addressing global issues? This thematic area seeks to improve knowledge about and best practices of international public policy.


Affiliated Faculty

Jonathan Benda: Lecturer, English

Mai’a Cross: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Silvia Dominguez: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Natasha Frost: Associate Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Robert Hall: Associate Professor & Interim Chair, African American Studies

Alan Klein: Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Thomas Koenig: Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Ioannis Livanis: Lecturer, International Affairs

Maria Luengo-Prado: Associate Professor, Economics

Valentine Moghadam: Professor of Sociology and International Affairs & Director, International Affairs Program

Mitchell Orenstein: Professor & Chair, Political Science

Kwamina Panford: Associate Professor, African American Studies

Serena Parekh: Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religion

Nikos Passas: Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Kirsten Rodine-Hardy: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Denis Sullivan:  Professor, Political Science

Thomas Vicino: Associate Professor, Political Science

Richard Wamai: Assistant Professor, African American Studies

Kathrin Zippel: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology