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Sustainability, Development, and Environment

Matters of development are inter-related with quality of life, health, and environmental and well as economic sustainability. This thematic area studies how policy-makers address conditions that transcend national borders and how international institutions can address global environmental threats.


Affiliated Faculty

Christopher Bosso: Professor, Public Policy/ Urban Affairs

Robin Chandler: Associate Professor, African American Studies

Tracy Corley: PhD Student, Law & Public Policy

Mai’a Cross: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Silvia Dominguez: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Daniel Faber: Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Joan Fitzgerald: Prof & Interim Dean, Law & Public Policy

Robert Hall: Associate Professor & Interim Chair, African American Studies

Gretchen Heefner: Assistant Professor, History

Denise Horn: Assistant Professor, International Affairs

Jeffrey Juris: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Ioannis Livanis: Lecturer, International Affairs

William Miles: Professor, Political Science

Valentine Moghadam: Professor of Sociology and International Affairs & Director, International Affairs Program

Suzanne Ogden: Professor, Political Science

Mitchell Orenstein: Professor & Chair, Political Science

Kwamina Panford: Associate Professor, African American Studies

Gordana Rabrenovic: Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Kirsten Rodine-Hardy: Assistant Professor, Political Science

Matthias Ruth: Professor, Public Policy/ Urban Affairs

Thomas Vicino: Associate Professor, Political Science

Liza Weinstein: Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Alan West-Duran: Associate Professor, Languages Literatures & Cultures