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Dating Violence Among Latino Adolescents

Project Overview

The purpose of this project was to collect longitudinal data on dating violence among Latino adolescents by obtaining a second wave of data for the Dating Violence among Latino Adolescents (DAVILA) Study. This study allowed for longitudinal analysis of their experiences and responses to dating violence while incorporating culturally-relevant components. The goals included (1) an examination of dating violence among Latino adolescents over time, (2) evaluating the longitudinal patterns of co-occurring victimization (polyvictimization) for Latino victims of dating violence, (3) examining the predictors of victimization patterns to understand the influence on dating violence over time (4) examining formal and informal help-seeking among Latino adolescents who experienced dating violence, and (5) determining the subsequent psychosocial impact of dating violence. The longitudinal sample consisted of 574 Latino youth between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age. Approximately 20% of youth reported experiencing past year dating violence, with dating violence at time 1 being associated with dating violence at time 2. Furthermore, prior history of conventional crime, child maltreatment, and polyvictimization were all associated with later dating violence victimization. However, dating violence victimization was not predictive of other forms of victimization. The study also showed that victims of dating violence primarily resort to informal help-seeking, mainly friends, and make use of formal resources at a rate of about 15%. However, girls were significantly more likely than boys to seek out formal help. This completed project currently has ongoing data analysis.

Research Team

Carlos Cuevas, Northeastern University

Chiara Sabina, University of Delaware


National Institute of Justice


Primary DOJ Report

Secondary DOJ Report

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