Reconstructing the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Charting Intervention Strategies of Prevention and Support for Minority Children
May 16, 2003 – May 17, 2003
The Institute on Race and Justice, in collaboration with The Civil Rights Project (CRP) at Harvard University, sponsored a conference on the School-to-Prison Pipeline. The goals of the conference were to commission research that will explore how school policies and practices may be affecting the flow of certain students into the criminal justice system and to better understand how educational institutions can work in concert with community and public agencies to implement programs of intervention and prevention.


Related Publications:

Boston Public Schools, New Boston Pilot Middle School
IRJ was selected as a member of the design team for the New Boston Pilot Middle School at Columbia Road in Dorchester, which opened in September 2003. Part of a community collaboration with Boston Public Schools, the new pilot middle school is designed to serve the “whole child” mind, body and spirit, as well as their families and the communities where they live. The school also has a strong partnership with the Grove Hall Neighborhood Initiative, a successful public safety and neighborhood restoration coalition.

Mason Elementary Public School After School Program Evaluation
The Institute on Race & Justice has paired with the Samuel W. Mason Elementary School to conduct a qualitative evaluation of its After School Program. The evaluation was designed to help better understand the effectiveness and challenges facing the program. Interviews and focus groups were conducted with program staff, parents and students to help researchers better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

Race Differences in School Expulsions
Jack Levin & Gordana Rabrenovic, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict
This IRJ-funded 2002-2003 Fellowship Program project focuses on examining race differences in long-term suspensions and expulsions from Massachusetts public schools, including differences in treatment interventions, or lack of interventions.

Race Matters in Student Achievement
Peter C Murrell, School of Education, Center for Innovation in Urban Education
This IRJ-funded 2002-2003 Fellowship Program project focuses on the investigation of inequality in learning and achievement of African-American students in the public schools. The project also will include further research on the finding that black and white students score higher on mathematics and reading when their teachers are of the same race.