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Courses taken through certain Dialogue of Civilizations programs also count towards the Jewish studies minor and combined majors. Currently, the Israel, Germany-Poland, and Poland Dialogues count for Jewish Studies credit. If you are doing relevant coursework on another Dialogue that you would like to count for Jewish studies, please contact Prof. Lori Lefkovitz at

Current Dialogue of Civilizations programs with Jewish Studies credit:
Entrepreneurship and Global Consulting in Israel
Amir Grinstein and Cheryl Mittenes — ENTR 3220 International Entrepreneurship and Innovation; ENTR 4510 Management Consulting Abroad
Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Germany and Poland
Natalie Bormann — POLS 4937 History and the Politics of the Holocaust: Perpetrators, Victims, Bystanders; POLS 4938 Memory, Trauma and the Holocaust

Jeffrey Burds — HIST 4946 Borderlands: World War II in Eastern Europe; INTL 4944 Dialogue of Civilization: Regional Engagement
Representing Israel in Law and Literature
Lori Lefkovitz – JWSS/ENGL 2610 Israel in Literature and the Arts; Simon Rabinovitch INTL 2100 Modern Israel