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Experiential Learning in Jewish Studies

One of the hallmarks of a Northeastern education is the university’s strong emphasis on experiential learning. Experiential education encompasses Northeastern’s signature cooperative education program (“co-op”), as well as student research, service-learning, and study abroad.

The commitment to experiential education distinguishes Northeastern’s Jewish Studies Program from most other Jewish studies programs. Participation in co-op, whether in the U.S. or abroad, gives our students first-hand experience of Jewish institutions and new insight into how communities function. Through study abroad – in Israel or in other centers of Jewish life, on a traditional semester abroad or Northeastern’s unique Dialogue of Civilizations program – students gain deeper understanding of the variety among and diversity within Jewish communities and of how Jewish organizations respond to differing communal needs. Bringing these experiences back into the classroom allows students to apply what they have learned about the Jewish heritage and the contemporary world to craft their own visions for the Jewish future.
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