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Art Spiegelman

Museums and Memorials

Yad Vashem, the Holocaust history museum located in Israel, is dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust as well as research and education. The museum has an incredible amount of digital collections and projects.

The National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia is the only museum in the United States that is purely dedicated to chronicling the American Jewish experience.

The Touro Synagogue, located in Newport, RI, is the oldest synagogue in America. Founded in 1658, the building itself wasn’t started until 1759. In 1790, George Washington wrote to the congregation that “happily the government of the United States…gives to bigotry no sanction…to persecution no assistance,” which is considered one of the earliest declarations of religious freedom for all, including Jews, in this country.

Right on the Freedom Trail in Boston, the New England Holocaust Memorial has six towers that recall the six main death camps, the six million Jews who died, or a menorah of memorial candles. There are six million numbers etched into all sides, a remembrance of the numbers the Nazis infamously tattooed on the Jews’ arms.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, located in Washington D.C., teaches its visitors about the Holocaust and works to prevent future genocide through research about the Holocaust, education, and remembrance. There are many permanent and visiting exhibitions which are both touching and fascinating.

The Vilna Shul, located in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill, is the city’s oldest standing synagogue. Founded in 1919 by a small immigrant community, the synagogue has become both a place to learn about Jewish culture, history, and religious and an important community venue for concerts, speakers, film previews, and Jewish life cycle events.

Northeastern’s Jewish Latin Art site, “in permanent construction, allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty, depth and variety of the visual and plastic arts created by Jewish artists of Latin America. The site includes drawing, painting, sculpture, tapestries and the hybrid concept known as installations.”