Student Research

Synagogue Capacity Planning. By Ellie Schachter, 2017

Ahad Ha'am: Father of Cultural Zionism. By Marie Schulte-Bockum, 2017

Dance and Judaism. By Rebecca Mueller, 2017

Growing Experientially: Jillian Hinderliter

The Modern Besa: A story of Jews saved by Muslim Albanians in WWII. By Zachary Gershman, 2017

Soviet America Commonalities. By Zach Corenblum, 2016

What Remains Database: Findings by Noah Lapidus, 2017

The Shtetl Shlepper, Travel Blog. By Noah Lapidus, 2016.

The Attribution of The Unknown Remainder to God: Judaism and Math. By Tal Soroker, 2016

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