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Research Assistant - Financial and Network Disruptions in Illicit and Counterfeit Medicines Trade

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    Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024


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  • Project Title

    Financial and Network Disruptions in Illicit and Counterfeit Medicines Trade (FIND-M) – project supported by the National Science Foundation 2022-2026

  • Faculty / Project Lead

    Nikos Passas

  • Project Description

    The concept of an illicit supply network refers to a set of actors and intermediaries connecting the various nodes up and down a supply chain that violates national or international laws. Passas’ work indicates that illicit supply networks can arise due to various structural disjunctions or “criminogenic asymmetries.” It is thus crucial to comprehend the circumstances, motives, and control challenges behind their formation to disrupt such supply chains effectively. Hence, we seek to explore the following open research questions: (i) What are the multiplex networks (multi-layer networks with different types of links) underlying ICM trade? (ii) What multiplex network parameters can be learned from current practice for detecting and disrupting illicit networks? (iii) How can “weak links” be discovered in these networks to allow for rapid intervention? We consider these as strong research questions because: (i) answers to them are essential to progress in the field, (ii) research has a clear focus on the “why,” (iii) researchers have the expertise and ideas to address them within the timeframe proposed, and (iv) there are well-defined metrics of success.

  • Qualifications Necessary

    The successful candidate will have both qualitative and quantitative skills, experience in legal research and analysis. S/he must have inter-disciplinary interests (esp. with AI/computer sciences, health science). Ability to read literature in other languages is an advantage

  • Hours per Week

    20 Hour Position