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The Middle East Studies program at Northeastern provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Middle East and North Africa (the Arab world, Israel, Iran and Turkey). Undergraduate students can choose from a diverse set of courses related to the Middle East from many departments and programs in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (International Affairs; Political Science; History; Economics; Philosophy and Religion; Sociology and Anthropology; and World Languages). By taking courses on the history, cultures, religions, economics, and politics of the Middle East, students can develop a broad understanding of the forces shaping the region in the past and present. Through the study of Arabic or Hebrew, students can also develop a proficiency in one of the region’s languages; and they can experience the Middle East firsthand by participating in faculty-led “Dialogue of Civilizations” programs in Jordan, Israel, and Morocco.

Beyond Sides - Towards Reconciliation: Israeli and Palestinian Women


Beyond Sides – Towards Reconciliation: Israeli and Palestinian Women

Photographer Saskia Keeley shares the results of her photography workshops that allow Israeli and Palestinian women discover interconnectivity, respect, and empathy through the use of cameras.  The lecture is illustrated with both the photographs taken and the voices of the participants.

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Professor Dov Waxman

Click here for more information on his new book, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What Everyone Needs to Know.  Published by Oxford University Press in May 2019.