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Growing tensions between Saudi Arabia, Iran

A map of the Middle East

Rela­tions between Saudi Arabia and Iran have dete­ri­o­rated in recent days, raising con­cerns in the Middle East and around the world. While ten­sions between the two nations are not new, the sit­u­a­tion reached a boiling point on Sat­urday when the Saudi gov­ern­ment exe­cuted 47 people accused of being ter­ror­ists, including a promi­nent Shiite cleric.

Valen­tine Moghadam, a pro­fessor of soci­ology and inter­na­tional affairs and director of Northeastern’s Inter­na­tional Affairs pro­gram and Middle East Studies, explains how the con­flict began and what the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity should do.

Read the Q&A with Professor Moghadam at News@Northeastern.

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