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No longer ‘paralyzingly shy,’ this Northeastern Ph.D. candidate found unexpected success making a one-woman sketch comedy series

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The last place Taylor Valley expected to be was in the limelight, but when she walks the red carpet for the Indie Series Awards on April 12, that’s exactly where she’ll be.

Valley, a political science doctoral student at Northeastern University, is nominated for best supporting actress in a comedy at the annual web content awards for “Pretty … If You Squint,” a sketch comedy web series she wrote, directed, edited and played every role in. But for most of her life, despite a long-abiding love for acting and filmmaking, she’s struggled with being “paralyzingly shy.” 

Her recent success––and willingness to put herself out there into the world––has changed that. Now, as she pursues both a Ph.D. and more sketch comedy work, Valley has embraced the confident entertainer she has always had inside of herself.

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