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Northeastern researchers team up with Accenture to offer a road map for artificial intelligence ethics oversight

As artificial intelligence rapidly advances, and concerns over data use and security grow after each high-profile scandal, the discussion among researchers, policymakers, and consumers has centered on how to ensure that human values such as privacy and autonomy are protected as we adopt these systems. These discussions have driven efforts to develop ethical guidelines for our increasingly automated world in the form of oversight committees.

Now, Northeastern professors John Basl and Ron Sandler are offering organizations guidance for how to create a well-designed and effective committee based on similar models used in biomedical research.

Maintaining that an ethics committee that is adequately resourced and thoughtfully designed can play an important role in mitigating digital risks and maintaining trust between an organization and the public, the researchers provide a framework for such a system in a new report produced in collaboration with global professional services company Accenture.

Read the full story on News@Northeastern.

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