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NULab Core Faculty Meg Heckman and Myojung Chung’s Study on Harassment of Student Journalists Featured in Poynter

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Meg Heckman and Myojung Chung had an article published in Poynter on September 14, regarding the results of a Northeastern survey that indicate that student journalists receive high levels of harassment during their field work experiences. The article, co-authored by Heckman, Chung, and Jody Santos, details the results of a year long survey of the harassment faced by journalism students in the United States. Their research indicated that a journalist’s gender and race influences the type of harassment they face. Importantly, they found that the reality of gender and race-based discrimination is not often acknowledged by many journalism faculty. Heckman, Chung, and Santos share these preliminary results to urge journalism faculty to better prepare for their courses.

The most common theme that emerged from their survey was students’ desire for journalism educators to do more to prepare them for on-the-job harassment. They suggest that by not acknowledging this harassment, journalism educators risk normalizing it.

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