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In the midst of the Pandemic, I taught a summer course called “Latin American culture.”  Students undertook original research about COVID in Latin America. They chose a country, and decided whether to focus on one specific aspect or to provide a wider perspective. Students also chose the format for their final project.  Their research, as you will see, was heterogeneous:  some students delved into historical background; others focused on the political system; a few students interviewed people. The importance of their projects is, at least, twofold: it gives practical information about how different Latin American countries have responded to the crisis (most works have a very useful bibliography and list of sources). But, perhaps more importantly, it shows what aspects of the crisis are of interest to them.


  1. Powerpoint: COVID-19 Impact in Argentina



  1. Powerpoint: Impact of Covid-19 on Argentina



  1. Powerpoint: COVID-19 and Bolivia



  1. Powerpoint: Brazil COVID-19



  1. Powerpoint: COVID-19 In Brazil



  1. Powerpoint: Brazil’s Response to COVID-19



  1. Reading: The Sociopolitical Effects of Covid-19 on Brazil



  1. Powerpoint: Colombia and COVID-19




  1. Powerpoint: Coronavirus en Colombia (In Spanish)



  1. Reading: An Extraordinary Response: Costa Rica and the Coronavirus



  1. Powerpoint: Ecuador’s Compounding Crises: COVID and Crude Oil



  1. Reading: Intro to Latin American Culture, History & Politics



  1. Reading: Will the Amazon Survive COVID-19?How Indigenous Populations Are Treated During Global Pandemic



  1. Powerpoint: The Coronavirus in Mexico



  1. Reading: Panama’s Coronavirus Response



  1. Powerpoint: Peru and the COVID-19 Epidemic



  1. Reading: How Has Venezuela Been Affected by the Global Pandemic?