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“Peer-to-Peer Cross Cultural Project-Based Community Engagement”

Gemma Bonfiglioli with Professor Lori Gardinier

“Peer-to-Peer Cross Cultural Project-Based Community Engagement”

Summer 2015

“This grant has enabled me to develop my communication and research skills, allowing me to do what I love best and work directly in the field, striving towards community development and engaging with talented youth populations and inspiring local staff members!”

Gemma (International Affairs and Human Services) is working alongside Professor Gardinier (Human Services) on a chapter in the book project The Other Side: What Community Partners and Members Gain, Lose and Learn from Campus Collaborations. Gemma will travel to Lusaka, Zambia this summer to conduct a focus group with students from Northeastern and the University of Zambia using qualitative methodology and protocols that she helped to design. Along with data she collected last summer, the results of her service-learning research will be the basis for the book chapter and make a major contribution to the “community perspective” side of campus-community engagement research.

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