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“James Cone and the Gifts of Black Rage” Xavier Pickett

Time: 4:00 to 5:15 PM
Location: 909 Renaissance Park, Northeastern University
Sponsored By: Philosophy and Religion Department, Program in African and African-American Studies
Contact: Katie Molongoski k.molongoski@northeastern.edu

Xaiver Pickett, Visiting Assistant Professor at New York University

This talk explores Black rage through the life and thought of James Cone as a way to reveal the gifts that it has to offer intellectually, ethically and politically.

Xavier Pickett is a Faculty Fellow in the Religious Studies Program at New York University. He is currently working on two manuscripts. The first reconceptualizes the academic study of Black religion by attending to emotions, literature, and the secular, whereas the second offers a new theory of Black rage. He received his Ph.D. in Religion & Society from Princeton Theological Seminary with a focus on African American studies, ethics, and politics. Most recently, he held a residential fellowship at the University of Virginia’s Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies.

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