Prof. Javier Hidalgo presents “Why Immigration Restrictions are Unjust and Why It Matters”

Time: 1:35pm to 2:40pm
Location: 909 Renaissance Park, Northeastern University
Sponsored By: PPE Program and Philosophy and Religion Department
Contact: Candice Delmas ( or Katie Molongoski (

Dr. Javier Hidalgo, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond

States heavily restrict immigration. Are these immigration restrictions morally acceptable? This paper will give an argument against immigration restrictions. Javier argues that states systematically balance the reasons for and against immigration restrictions in the wrong way. They ignore or discount the moral reasons to allow immigration and exaggerate the reasons in favor of restrictions. Because of this bias, states restrict immigration more than they should. We can infer from these claims that actual immigration restrictions are unjust. I’ll also explore some implications of this conclusion for the individual ethics of immigration—how individual actors should respond to the injustice of immigration restrictions.


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