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Past Events

“James Cone and the Gifts of Black Rage” Xavier Pickett


Xaiver Pickett, Visiting Assistant Professor at New York University This talk explores Black rage through the life and thought of James Cone as a way to reveal the gifts that it has to offer intellectually, ethically and politically. Xavier Pickett is a Faculty Fellow in the Religious Studies Program at New York University. He is…
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“Spiritual Citizenship in Action: African Spirits & Social Justice” Fadeke Castor


Fadeke Castor, Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department and Africana Studies Program at Texas A&M University  Drawing from her book, Spiritual Citizenship: Transnational Pathways from Black Power to Ifá in Trinidad (Duke UP, 2017), Fadeke Castor examines the role that transnational Black Liberation movements play in the development of what she coins as “spiritual citizenship.”…
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