Prof. Delmas’ recent article in Oxford University Press blog

Read Professor Delmas’ recent article “Not your grandmother’s women’s lib movement: Femen’s uncivil disobedience”

Oksana Shachko died on 23 July 2018. Although her name may not be familiar to all, her contributions to women’s rights may. Oksana co-founded the feminist socialist collective Femen in her native Ukraine ten years ago, with the purpose of fighting against patriarchy’s three central forms-dictatorship, the sexual exploitation of women, and established religion. One of Femen’s first protests was a guerrilla theater performance protesting sexual harassment on a university campus and their work continues through acts of uncivil disobedience throughout Ukraine. Professor Candice Delmas discusses the importance of Femen in raising awareness of these issues and promoting social change.


Published On: September 17, 2018 |
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