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Areas of Expertise

The signature focus of the Philosophy Faculty centers in areas of Applied Ethics also called Applied Philosophy. From Professor John Basl’s work on moral issues raised by the creation of artificial intelligence or consciousness to Professor Patricia Illingworth’s work on the ethics of philanthropy, our faculties’ research brings philosophical analysis to the world in which we find ourselves. Providing clarity to contemporary moral issues in both the classroom and the public arena is our aim.

Our religious studies faculty engage in research on contemporary expressions of the world’s religions. Professor Whitney Kelting’s research takes her to India where she studies Jain communities. For Professor Jung Lee’s current research project, he finds himself interviewing  researches project the Dalit (untouchable caste) women of Nepal. Professor Liz Bucar research centering on ambiguous bodies takes her to Spain, Italy and Iran.   Professor Setta examines new religious movements in America. Like their philosopher counterparts, our Religious Studies faculty seek to interpret the world’s varieties of religions, their ethics and praxis for the broader community.