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Bioethics Bowl 2018

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Hi my name is Kaleem Ahmid. I am a second year health sciences and philosophy double-major, and one of the members of this year’s Bioethics Bowl team that made the long journey to Mobile, Alabama, to compete at this year’s annual National College BioEthics Bowl. This year’s competition was a notable improvement on our last one: we exited the ‘Bowl’ with a .500 record, which is a significant increase in wins compared to our last year’s competition. As our coach would attest, our overall team performance, strength of argument, and professionalism during rounds were unbelievable.

On that note, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the rest of my colleagues to thank both Prof. Yelle and Prof. Shorey for their commitment to this project, and sharing their valuable time and expertise with us every week.

At the end of the competition, our 6 members: Sophia Broberg, Julia Crooijmans, Rachel Ghaw, Jamie Spingled, Samantha Hirshland and myself have argued 8 cases, covering controversial topics such as mandated contraception for mentally impaired teenagers, transgender participation in sports, and several cases revolving around doctor-patient confidentiality, to name a few. While on assignment in Mobile, we were also lucky enough to experience two local festivals happening over the weekend when we were there – a southern music festival and a nighttime market, both located in the New Orleans-esque downtown area of the city that I think we all came to enjoy very much. The weather was warm, Prof. Yelle was semi-paternalistic and responsible, and we obviously ate a lot of very good food.

Our team has come a long way since our first competition, both technically and socially, and we are looking forward to making the next step in effort and performance in upcoming competitions. I would like to encourage anyone reading this who is curious about what we do or how to get involved to email Prof. Yelle at b.yelle@northeastern.edu for information about tryouts for Fall 2018, or any further information.


Published On: May 1, 2018