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Devin Lane

I attended the 12th annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville…
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Samantha Hirshland

I presented my first abstract paper at the Madness, Disorder, and Society, International Graduate Conference in Philosophy at the University of Essex in Colchester, England…
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Aja Watkins

I presented recently in the undergraduate portion of the Northern New England Philosophical Association (NNEPA) annual conference…
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John Basl

Advances in 21st-century technology, such as robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), offer great promise to improve health, the 
environment, and society in general.  In spite of the wealth of benefits associated with emerging technologies, there are also threats and challenges to society in how these technologies are used and whether they replace human power in the job market.  Assistant Professor of Philosophy John Basl explores the ethical implications of these new technologies in a thought-provoking interview with News@Northeastern.
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Aarambh Pradhan

This student video highlights the brutal conditions that American poultry workers face each day. The video also concentrates on the particularly harsh position that minorities and immigrants face within the industry. The project aims to deliver concrete arguments through first-hand accounts of worker’s rights in the industry with interviews from Mary Babic, Oxfam US Senior Communications Officer, Leah Varsano, Oxfam Research Fellow, and former and current workers in the poultry industry…
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Rachel Son

What do you do when there is no easy answer? It’s a puzzling question. In her first semester at Northeastern, Rachel Son took an elective called “Moral and Social Problems in Healthcare” that examined some of the complex issues surrounding medicine with no clear solution. The case studies that Dr. Weagraff, the instructor, described were…
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