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Philosophy Majors

Philosophy is a basic field of inquiry. Its range encompasses ideas and issues in every domain of human experience, and its methods apply to problems of an unlimited variety. The major in philosophy can develop not only philosophical skill and sophistication, but also critical thinking and writing abilities that are readily applicable to pursuits in other academic areas, useful in careers far removed from philosophy, and valuable in everyday social and personal life. The study of philosophy can profoundly affect both the thinking one does and the kind of person one is. Along with the philosophy major, we also offer specific graduate courses in philosophy.

Northeastern’s program for a philosophy major is designed to offer students a balanced understanding of the nature of philosophy and particular philosophical problems that arise in the various arts and sciences. A minimum number of electives has been provided so that students may choose in accordance with their own backgrounds and interests. Students may plan out a four-year or a five-year course of study. We offer several different versions of the philosophy major including:


For more information on courses, please visit our Philosophy Course Catalog.


Sample Courses