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The Ethics Minor

The Philosophy and Religion department offers a minor in Ethics for students who are interested in exploring the moral ramifications of contemporary issues. From medicine to the environment to politics and business and religions – we provide a range of courses that can speak to issues you care about and provide you with the tools to explore them. The Ethics Minor is just the approach to distinguish your academic resume.

The minor includes courses in ethical theory (e.g. Moral Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, and Philosophical Problems of Law and Justice), applied ethics (e.g. Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, Moral and Social Problems in Health Care, and Technology and Human Values), and religious ethics (e.g. Ethics East and West and Cults and Sects). It emphasizes developing critical analytical and evaluative skills.

Students who wish to complete a minor should declare their intention to do so online at the Minor Declaration Page. From here, students can click on the first hyperlink to sign in and add a minor and will see a list of all available CSSH minors.

For more information on courses, please visit our Ethics Course Catalog.