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The Philosophy Minor

Philosophy addresses questions and theories related to morality, society, religion, and the natural and social sciences. Course work in philosophy provides students with an understanding of the methods and traditions of philosophical thought, as well as with opportunities to critically and collaboratively reflect on the nature of the world and the human situation in it. Through readings, discussion, and writing, students examine questions concerning the validity of moral judgments, political ideas, and scientific theories, as well as questions about values and social policy in such areas as law, medicine, and technology.

Course work in philosophy significantly strengthens study in other areas. Many students find that their studies in their major can be beneficially supplemented by pursuing studies in Philosophy. Students from many disciplines pursue Philosophy minors, including but not limited to English, History, Physics, Economics, Criminal Justice, and Political Science. Declaring a minor in Philosophy will allow you to continue your Philosophy studies throughout your time at Northeastern University.

Students who wish to complete a minor should declare their intention to do so online at the Minor Declaration Page. From here, students can click on the first hyperlink to sign in and add a minor and will see a list of all available CSSH minors.

For more information on courses, please visit our Philosophy Course Catalog.