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The Religious Studies Minor

The Religious Studies minor provides a short form of the religious studies major that can be accomplished while majoring in another field. The elective selection can be tailored to the needs of the student’s major.

The program in Religion offers students the opportunity to acquire an understanding of religious experience within its social, historical, literary, and political context. Students study specific religious traditions such as Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism and using a comparative approach they explore themes across faith traditions. Through the minor, a student will have the opportunity to study a small range of religions and a variety of methods of understanding the key dimensions of religious life.

The Religious Studies minor is designed to provide the student with an introduction to a variety of religious traditions along with the analytical tools necessary to explore religious theology and praxis across five categories: comparative religion, traditions that emerge from the ancient Mediterranean and African worlds, traditions that emerge from Asia, religion and culture, and texts. Through this minor, students are exposed to the basic features of the world’s religions and the ethical systems that accompany them. They also have an opportunity to explore diverse methodological approaches to the study of religions in general. This minor is designed to help students enhance their abilities in any career that requires a liberal arts education.

Students who wish to complete a minor should declare their intention to do so online at the Minor Declaration Page. From here, students can click on the first hyperlink to sign in and add a minor and will see a list of all available CSSH minors.

For more information on courses, please visit our Religious Studies Catalog.