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Indulging in Halloween

By Karel Dejonghe

Hi everyone!

Last week, Ann-Sophie gave you a little insight into the differences between the Belgian and American education systems. While her blog post focused on the hard part, I’m going to tell you guys a little about what I did the last couple of weekends to get my thoughts away from all the intellectual labor. As you guys know, a good working schedule involves a decent amount of relaxation!

As Halloween is coming up, I wanted to fully indulge myself in the celebration of this holiday because continental Europe does not really have a long-standing tradition when it comes down to old Celtic heritage. In order to do that, me, my roommate and some of his friends went to Connors Farm in Danvers. I had never seen anything like it before, and although it was kind of pricey, I had a blast.

The entire farm was decorated in a Halloween theme and actors roamed the estate to do what actors are hired to do during this time of the year—scare people, which honestly, they succeeded in doing at least one time! The corn field was transformed into a corn maze where we walked the path and creepy stuff was destined to happen. And so it did, the whole maze long. Needless to say, I had an awesome evening that night and I’m happy to have had this experience. Now I can tag “Halloween- related activity in the U.S.” off of my checklist. I have very specific checklists as you probably have noticed. IMAG1007Now, I’m as eager as ever to live through the Halloween weekend itself! Although I have nothing specifically planned, I look forward to Halloween stories people will come up with!

This weekend I had the joy of receiving a visit from Belgium. My girlfriend came to visit me, and will be doing so for the next two weeks. We spent our first weekend reunited in the pearl on the east coast, The Big Apple (Am I allowed to say this while studying in Boston?). When Europeans talk about going to the United States, the first thing they always say is, New York City. It’s rather comparable with the situation the other way around, where Americans always think about going to Paris. While I had already been in NYC six years ago, my girlfriend hadn’t, and she was flabbergasted by the wonderful city. We explored the big concrete jungle the whole weekend and felt a bit of regret when we had to leave. But it’s always a good feeling when you know you can go back to Boston.


Published On: October 27, 2016 |
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