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Northeastern launches Global Resilience Institute

SPPUA faculty to lead the initiative


Northeastern University has launched the Global Resilience Institute, a university-wide initiative involving all nine colleges that will be led by Stephen Flynn, affiliate professor in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs (SPPUA).

As its founding director, Flynn will oversee the institute’s leadership team, which includes SPPUA professor Jennie Stephens, as associate director of strategic research collaborations, Philip Anderson, as associate director for research and innovation, and professor Mark Patterson, as associate director and chief technology officer.

The institute builds on Northeastern’s growing international educational network and research profile in the critical areas of health, security and sustainability. Its mission is to devise and deploy interdisciplinary resilience solutions that allow individuals, communities, systems, and societies to adapt and thrive in an increasingly turbulent world.

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Published On: March 9, 2017 |
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