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Welcome to Chronicles of a Nonprofit Intern

As a student, I have investigated the formation of social policy and applied a mixed-methods approach in evaluating the prevalence of unequal conditions around us. Now, I am taking that interest a step further by interning at Emerge Massachusetts, a nonprofit organization that aims to identify, train, and inspire democratic women to pursue public office.

I am starting this bi-weekly blog to detail my experiences and the insights gained from this internship opportunity. I plan to highlight my various roles within the organization, which center on evaluating the selection process of candidates and associating with alumnae while researching and updating the organization’s curriculum for training women in the skills needed to fulfill public service. I imagine my time with the nonprofit will undoubtedly foster my knowledge on critical aspects of policymaking in terms of the strategic planning, influence, and motivation behind those that hold public office.

This blog will also serve to describe any events or trainings I attend, and hopefully it will include the perspective of trainees themselves. It would be interesting to learn the specific reasons why women in the organization’s program decided to enter the political arena and what they hope to achieve while in office, or through the campaign process. I will also write about how interning with Emerge MA is relevant to my academic and professional aspirations.

So far at Northeastern, I have focused my attention on the wage gap and its adverse effects on women in addition to the factors (other than pay) that perpetuate this circumstance, such as the structure and inflexibility of the workplace. But my career goal as a civic or nonprofit leader is to affect change through policies that make a meaningful difference for those that need it. In the case of working women, this means promoting family-friendly policies like work flexibility, subsidized child care, and paid family and medical leave.

I am compelled by the work of Emerge MA because the representation of women in public office is severely lacking, posing a direct threat to the viability of policies that benefit or secure the livelihoods of women. The field of public policy demands the support and heightened consciousness of lawmakers in understanding issues that concern women along with a willingness to advocate for the implementation of policies that strive toward pay equity, retain women in the workforce, or protect access to reproductive healthcare. The efforts of Emerge Massachusetts are tremendously important in today’s political climate as a lot is at stake for women and their families. And I am thrilled to be a part of an organization whose mission is to change the face of politics.


Published On: June 22, 2017 |
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