Review: Political power and renewable energy futures

Inspired by the energy democracy movement, professor Jennie Stephens partnered with Matthew J. Burke of McGill University to produce a critical, conceptual review of relationships between concentrated or distributed renewable energy and political power.

Political power and renewable energy futures: A critical review” was published in November 2017 in ScienceDirect. The goal is to theorize and explore the relationships between renewable energy and political power, while critically assessing tensions associated with an energy democracy agenda, and drawing out the implications for democratizing renewable energy development in practice.

“More democratic renewable energy futures may benefit from strengthening democratic practices and outcomes, extending democratization of energy systems across all components, stages and end uses, and sharpening positions relative to dominant pressures of capitalism and market ideology, the ideology of unlimited growth, and the modernist/industrialist agenda,” the authors wrote in the review.

According to Stephens and McGill, renewable energy systems offer a possibility but not a certainty for more democratic energy futures.

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Published On: November 29, 2017 |
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