Study examines recovery in Indiana communities hit by deadly tornadoes

In a new study of rural communities in Indiana, Northeastern resilience expert Daniel Aldrich and other researchers investigate household recovery in four small towns in southern Indiana that were hit by deadly tornadoes in March 2012.

“The role of social capital, personal networks, and emergency responders in post-disaster recovery and resilience: a study of rural communities in Indiana,” published in October in Springer, looks at how households in these communities are recovering from damage

that they experienced and the role of social capital, personal networks, and assistance from

emergency responders on the overall recovery experience.

“Results show that while households with higher levels of damage experienced slower recovery, those with recovery assistance from neighbors, stronger personal networks, and higher levels of social capital experienced faster recovery,” the authors wrote. “The insights gained in this study will enable emergency managers and disaster response personnel to implement targeted strategies in facilitating post-disaster recovery and community resilience.”

Click here to read the full paper.

Published On: November 30, 2017 |
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