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Client Meeting and Beyond

Thank you for joining us for the second installment of the Spring 2018 Capstone Blog!

My name is Alex Berg and I’m in my final semester in the MPA program. I can’t think of a better way to close out my experience than to work with Ellie and the rest of our capstone team on the Social Mobility Project for The Boston Foundation (TBF).

Since our previous post, our team met with our contact at TBF, Stephen Chan, to discuss expectations for the project. That meeting helped reinforce an idea that has become central to our research plan for the project: the factors that shape social mobility – from economic success to civic engagement to public health – are all connected, so they should be addressed concurrently.

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We think of this relationship as a “web,” as you can see in the diagram. Even as a work in progress, the diagram has helped us find common themes in the research by showing us where certain policies and programs overlap and intersect. We are excited to see how the “web” continues to take shape over the course of the semester!

One question that keeps popping up for our team is: Why Boston? As Ellie pointed out in our introductory post, Boston has the highest rate of income inequality among U.S. cities. What factors are unique to Boston to create such a disparity? This question, more than anything, will help focus our efforts in the coming weeks, as we begin to draft content and build consensus on potential recommendations to present to our partners at The Boston Foundation.

Published On: February 15, 2018 |
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