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Welcome to the Capstone Blog

Hello and welcome to the Capstone Blog: Income Inequality and Social Immobility!

My name is Ellie Rosen and I am currently in my fourth (and final!!) semester of the Master of Public Administration Program. I, along with six of my classmates, will be using this blog as a platform to post updates about our capstone project.

Here is a summary of the project we are working on:


“For several decades now, income and wealth inequality has been rising with the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ larger than ever. New research also demonstrates that there is little intergenerational economic and social mobility meaning that those who are born into poorer families often remain poor themselves. This not only calls into question our commitment to social equity, but likely has played a role in generating the dysfunctional political climate we now find in the U.S. (and perhaps other countries).”


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Our role as the capstone team is to collaborate with our client, The Boston Foundation, to develop a set of recommendations regarding the income and social mobility issues Boston residents currently face.

Boston is ranked #1 for income inequality in cities in the U.S. We hope that throughout this semester we will begin to uncover the underlying causes of this ranking and support The Boston Foundation in making a change in social and economic outcomes.

We hope you’ll follow along our capstone journey, from start-to-finish, and we are excited to be able to share this experience!


Published On: February 1, 2018 |
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