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Capstone completed

Hello! This will be the final blog post for the Intergenerational Mobility Project.

Last night, we presented our project and we are officially finished! It has been quite the semester, but we are happy with our end result. We hope to continue addressing the issues we identified throughout the semester through wherever our future work may take us.

We developed our final recommendations based on four pillars we identified as being critical indicators of intergenerational mobility: neighborhood development, childhood social support, health, and digital equity.

We found that households with similar characteristics such as race, education level, and family structure tend to cluster in certain neighborhoods, which affects access to quality services including internet in the home, child care, extracurricular activities, and health care. Given that improving opportunities for intergenerational mobility will require interventions that target children and the neighborhoods they live in, our recommendations are designed to bridge gaps in social, economic, and political outcomes across race and class boundaries include desegregating neighborhoods, increasing home access to the internet, increasing access to quality child care and parent support programs, and to community-based health care centers.

Our mobility web that I shared in the first blog post has changed many times since then, so I’d like to share the final chart we created and included in our poster presentation:

We saw firsthand how complex this issue truly is. Changing the trends of intergenerational mobility requires people from all sectors and domains, and all levels of expertise, to come together and decide what the priorities for tackling this issue should be.

As a capstone group comprised of passionate students who are eager to create impactful work and make a difference, we spent many hours brainstorming and collaborating before we were able to narrow our focus areas. We hope you enjoyed following along our journey. Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments!

Published On: April 26, 2018 |
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