Professor Kuhl examines market systems interventions

In a new paper published in April, Northeastern University expert Laura Kuhl explores how market systems interventions can build climate resilience.

Potential contributions of market-systems development initiatives for building climate resilience, published in World Development, analyzes the compatibility of market systems and climate resilience approaches to agricultural development, using the United States government’s Feed the Future program as an empirical case study.

Drawing on case studies in Ethiopia and Honduras, Kuhl examines the synergies and tensions between market systems and climate resilience approaches, finding that the market systems interventions have contributed to climate resilience. She also found evidence of significant limitations due to fundamental tensions between market system and resilience approaches in terms of what their goals are, who they target, and how they approach their objectives.

“This study has important implications for the design and implementation of climate resilience programs and policies, as well as the expectations that agricultural development programs will be able to build climate resilience,” Kuhl wrote in her paper.

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Published On: April 20, 2018 |
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