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Professor Shatkin receives NSF grant for flood risk research

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently awarded a grant to professor Gavin Shatkin for his research on flood risk and property rights in delta megacities.

The project will analyze the impact that growing awareness of future flood risk has on laws, policies, and norms concerning property rights in large metropolitan areas located in major river deltas.

Shatkin, director of the MS in Urban and Regional Policy Program, will examine social, political, and legal facets of a city that is undertaking massive and disruptive planning and infrastructural interventions in response to projections of significant increases in flooding.

“As one of the first major efforts to focus attention on changes in urban politics emerging from flood risk, this research is likely to make a foundational contribution to an emerging area of research and theory,” said Shatkin.

Findings will provide new insights for flood-threatened cities in the United States, such as New Orleans, Boston, and New York, as well as cities on other continents, including Jakarta, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand; Manila, Philippines; Lagos, Nigeria; and Alexandria, Egypt. The project will also help build infrastructure for research on policy issues related to flooding and risk management in the United States and elsewhere.

For more information about Shatkin’s project, click here.

Published On: April 30, 2018 |
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