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Resilience through renewable energy

SPPUA Director Jennie Stephens led a three-day course last month at Northeastern University’s Seattle campus on “Climate Resilience, Energy Justice, and Security: The Renewable Energy Transformation,” which examined how diverse stakeholders can coordinate to strengthen resilience.

Through investigations, findings in global research, field trips, and lessons from recent disasters, students—who were practitioners and working professionals—gained a foundational understanding of how the transformation to renewable energy can contribute to strengthening resilience and preparing for, adapting to, and learning from societal disruptions of all kinds.

Students were challenged by interrogating their own thinking about energy system change, fossil fuel reliance and how renewable energy can bolster resilience and contribute to a more equitable society. They are, therefore, prepared to advocate for innovative approaches that connect climate resilience, energy justice, and security.

SPPUA is working with various partners to develop additional innovative professional development opportunities and short courses like this. Please get in touch with Ryan Gosser, SPPUA’s external engagement coordinator, if you are interested in learning more about these initiatives.


Published On: July 16, 2018 |
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